User-friendly knowledge base software for public and private knowledge management.

Streamline information management with powerful and intuitive knowledge management software. Reduce support hours by providing the right answers, or use eniston for on-boarding, reference and more.

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Simple yet powerful knowledge base software. Make your visitors, customers or team more autonomous with a helpful knowledge base.

Clean Interface

eniston knowledge bases is designed to be easy to use. The interface is clean and intuitive, so you can focus on what matters most - your content.

Simple Pricing

Available in two cost-effective pricing options. No hidden costs, no surprises. You have the flexibility to upgrade or cancel your plan at any given time.

Easy Customization

Sleek and intuitive themes that are designed to enhance user experience. Stay on-brand by using your own logo, brand colors and custom domain.

Full backups every 12 hours
99.9% uptime in past 12 months
Made in Germany

Whether you need a knowledge base for a website or platform, for your team, or for personal reference - we've got you covered.

Discover the incredible benefits a knowledge base can bring to your business or project. Act now and take control of your knowledge base articles in just one minute. Don't miss out on this opportunity to optimize your operations and enhance productivity.

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Some good reasons to use eniston knowledge bases

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for every need. However, we strive to provide the perfect balance between having too many features and too few features. This way, customers can get exactly what they need without paying for unnecessary extras.

  • Hassle-free Setup

    No lengthy multi-step setup process. Sign up and get started within a minute, it's that easy.

  • Collect Customer Feedback

    Let visitors / customers optionally rate and provide feedback on how helpful your articles are.

  • Rich Text Editor

    Insert headlines, formatted text, images, videos, lists, code, iframes and much more.

  • Work in a Team

    Invite collaborators to your workspace and work together as a team.

  • Custom Domain

    Connect your own domain to eniston, we'll take care of the rest.

  • Custom Appearance

    Extend our default themes with your own CSS to match your branding.

  • Integrated Search

    Blazing-fast instant search as you type. Faster than you can blink.

  • Article Statistics

    See which articles are most visited and how helpful they are.

  • IP or Password Restriction

    Restrict workspaces by IP or password and block the rest of the world.

  • Export and Share

    Export articles to Excel. Or generate and share a QR code that points directly to an article.

  • Interlink Articles

    Easily link to your own articles directly within our rich-text editor.

  • Dark Mode

    Manage your workspace in dark mode. Themes also support dark mode.

  • No Upload Limit

    Attach as many images and files to your articles as you need.

  • Translatable Themes

    Define your own languages and use your own wording for themes.

  • And much more!

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We don't charge on a per-user basis, which makes eniston very affordable for growing teams

Charging on a per-user basis is very common for knowledge base software, or essentially most software where multiple accounts can interact with the same data.

We don't do that. Invite as many people as you have into your workspaces, the price won't change because of that. Our currently biggest customer has more than 50 team members and pays the regular €20 per month.

If your question is: "Supportez-vous également la langue française ?" — then yes, sort of...

While our backend (where you manage your workspaces) is currently only available in English, you can create categories and articles in your native language.

Later this year, we will also support multi-lingual content, meaning you can create articles in multiple languages. With the optional help of our AI Assistant, translating content into different languages will be done in no-time.


Faster and easier writing with our AI-powered text editor

Kill writer's block, improve content and become more creative by using our AI Assistant. Use our default out-of-the-box prompts, or tell the AI Assistant what it should write, re-write or improve.

Our GPT-4 powered AI Assistant is right where you need it.

Our knowledge base software is fast and optimized 🚀

Most of our knowledge bases load in under 1 second. The average loading time is between 150-350ms*.

On top of fast response times, we also made sure that the PageSpeed Score is optimized and Core Web Vitals are nothing you have to worry about.

* Loading times, PageSpeed Score and Core Web Vitals will differ depending on contents and external resources published by authors.

Base #1
Base #2

Integrate & connect

eniston integrates with many popular services and platforms. We are constantly adding new integrations to make your life easier.

Fathom Analytics
Google Analytics
Crisp Chat
Tidio Chat
HubSpot Chat
and many more
"We use eniston for on-boarding new staff members and for documenting various internal processes. This helped us to speed up tasks, which is a huge win. Perfect tool so far."
Nico Tjarks
Homepage Helden GmbH
    • When I was searching for a platform that I could use to build a 300+article knowledge base, I came across eniston. So glad I did! It's so easy to use that I got my 10 yr old son to build it for for me! 100% recommended for building Knowledge bases or help docs!

      Quan Nguyen — NexLvL CRM

    • As a newbie, I can say the Eniston learning curve is quite mild and easy to work with.

      M. Hasmatuchi

    • Easy to use. It works really well and so far it's been very reliable.

      Lorena — Mint Marketing Spain

    • Super easy, intuitive & reliable KB Ahh can't really stress enough how much I like eniston. Super easy setup, super easy branding and super easy content build. Especially for someone working on multiple projects, brands & teams, this is just pure gold.

    • Really good This is a really good knowledge base that can be up and running really fast. The 8 custom domains are a great deal and much appreciated. Overall very happy so far, support is fantastic and a lot of potential for the future.

    • Thanks! I am starting to be a huge fan of everything made by the ivy.mayhem team! After InPrivy, now eniston! Both are ultra simple to use, hosted in Europe (GDPR), and do exactly what they are supposed to, with no fuss whatsoever! Thanks a lot, I will stay tuned for your next service!

    • Absolutely Amazing This is such an amazing product! Clean, simple and FAST! I really appreciate the granular permission controls and the interface is very intuitive. When branding is added, the overall effect is just stunning with minimal effort.

    • As a simple knowledge base solution, eniston provides exactly what I need for my clients. It offers all the foundational requirements of a KB with easy (no skills-required) authoring capabilities, excellent service/support, and in particular, ongoing platform feature updates and improvements based on client feedback. There are always more features one might desire, but compared to its competitors, this KB solutions is an 11/10 for value.

      "Anonymous" from Australia

    • All you could ask for in a knowledge base. A practical solution that makes sense and doesn't break the bank.

      Justin Franco — COMMS GURU™

    • Very nice and just simple As the owner said, sometimes you don't need all the bells and whistles but just a knowledge base. If you need that, don't look further. Love it.

    • eniston is simple but powerful, with stellar customer support We tested eniston against some of the bigger guys especially in regard to self-service knowledge base functionality. eniston is more simple but well designed and powerful. It does what its supposed to do: Allow for the design of a self-service knowledge base that can also be used for the design of onboarding our team members.

    • Carefully crafted knowledge base I got impressed by this as a very simple and carefully crafted knowledge base software. All the features are well-developed, working properly, and perfectly fulfilling the core purposes. I didn't encounter any bugs yet and easy to setup. Thanks, Andreas for being such a nice person and offering us a great deal. Please consider adding more themes and custom JS functionality to your roadmap.

    • Really simple and beautiful KB platform I love how easy it is to setup. Perfect for training employees or getting information into the hands of clients. Please add the ability to add custom css to all areas. Really easy to add classes to this for us.

    • For a team it's clear what a simple, dedicated, and shared knowledge base can offer. Add in the capability of segmenting into workspaces, for example focused on client documentation, and projects or programs -then the affordability makes eniston a real asset. For solo contractors like me, managing ever changing and updating documents for me and my clients was becoming a headache trying to adapt cloud file storage. It became expensive and, lets be honest, unappealing for my clients to just follow links. Now they can use my content, guides and materials in ways that suit them. Recommended.

      Robert Harrison — Safeguarding Solutions

    • It's been a joy using Eniston knowledge bases, and we test over 300 hundred apps and software each year! We not only use it for ourselves, but also recommend it to our clients.

      Aside from our positive experience with the software itself, we also appreciate other software from the developer behind Eniston, which gives us even more confidence in Eniston's security, continued improvements, and longevity.

      Sarah Parker — Kuva Media

    • Finally I found a perfect knowledge base! I have to say this has to be the fastest knowledge base out there. Besides speed, there are lots of features that are amazing, like custom CSS, password protection, your own branding ... eniston is definitely a gem if you are looking for a great knowledge base!

    • Excellent product eniston is a wonderful tool. You can customize the appearance, connect with your team, restrict your knowledge base with a password and so many important features. This solution for websites, apps or any platforms is worth it. Congratulations.

    • Awesome! This KB is terrific simple to use, and support copy & paste directly from word documents, thanks a lot for that!

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  • API Access (read-only)
  • Blazing-fast Instant Search
  • Support via Email and Chat

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Choose our "Business Lifetime" plan and get everything that is included in the "Business" plan. That includes new updates and features.

When using eniston for more than 18 months, our lifetime plan will save you the most money and reduce bookkeeping.

Prices are in EUR and include VAT. Invoices are issued by our merchant of record, Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. 1 Additional workspaces can be added via a one-time payment of €8.99 per workspace. 2 Includes unlimited team members, we don't charge on a per-user basis. 3 Billed annually.

  • What is knowledge base software?

    Knowledge base software is a tool that allows businesses to centralise information, making it easily accessible to employees and customers alike. Whether it's articles on troubleshooting common issues or intricate how-to guides, knowledge base software ensures that information is not only stored in one location but also easily searchable.

    By implementing knowledge base software, companies can streamline their operations, improve customer service, and ultimately, stay one step ahead of the competition.

  • What is a workspace?

    A workspace is a place where you manage knowledge base documents for a single product, website or app. Each workspace can have a different team, a custom domain and different settings. Our "Business" plan allows you to add up to 10 workspaces. You can add up to 2 workspaces with our "Plus" plan.

    You can add more workspaces to your account with a one-time payment of €8.99 per additional workspace, no recurring costs.

  • Where is my data stored?

    We comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and guarantee server locations in Germany with ISO 27001 certification. Our servers are regularly updated with security patches, whenever available.

    We also keep our underlying software up-to-date with regular maintenance.

  • Do you offer support?

    Of course. We try our best to answer support tickets in a short time. To get in touch with us, you may contact us via email at or via in-product chat. We speak English and German.

  • Do you charge on a per-user basis?

    No. Unlike most other knowledge platform providers, we do not charge on a per-user basis. This makes eniston very attractive and affordable for teams, small and big. Invite as many people as you need, there is no limit.

  • What payment options do you offer?

    We currently offer credit card, debit card and PayPal via our merchant of record.

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