Collaborative Learning: Building an Internal Knowledge Database with Knowledge Management Tools

Published on June 29th, 2023

In today's increasingly interconnected business world, knowledge is a valuable resource that must be effectively used and managed. At the same time, it is necessary to provide the resource of knowledge to foster knowledge exchange and collaborative learning in teams. In particular, knowledge management tools enable companies to build internal knowledge databases, thus laying the foundation for efficient collaborative learning.

These tools provide structures and processes to document, share, and continuously expand knowledge. In this blog post, we explain how a knowledge management app can help companies build knowledge within the organisation.

The Importance of Knowledge Management in Businesses

Good knowledge management is a fundamental prerequisite for any company, regardless of its size or industry, to be successful in the long term. Both small and large companies know that they need to efficiently manage their internal and external knowledge to be productive.

They need to be able to gather, organise, and share important information with their employees in order to make decisions, solve problems, and drive innovation. The company's knowledge is its most valuable asset, and its effective management can strengthen its competitive position.

Creating a Knowledge Base: Building, Structuring, and Providing a Knowledge Database

In this regard, a central wiki plays a crucial role. It helps companies build, structure, and make accessible their knowledge base. Wikis can help capture information from various sources, organise them in a central knowledge database, and facilitate access for all employees. This allows them to quickly and easily access the information they need for their tasks.

Key Element of Collaborative Learning: Dynamic Knowledge Management Software

Digitalisation has changed the way we share and access information. This development has become even more significant in the context of collaborative learning in companies.

Today, straightforward and quick access to information is indispensable for efficiently distributing knowledge throughout the organisation. With the help of modern knowledge management apps, information is systematically recorded, organised, and retrieved. This allows employees to access relevant data in a timely manner, which they need for their daily work. This results in a dynamic knowledge database that makes the company's accumulated know-how accessible and continuously updated.

More Efficient Knowledge Distribution through the Use of Knowledge Management Tool

Knowledge management tools help companies build a systematic and accessible knowledge database. The functions provided by these apps facilitate quick access to information that is relevant for various departments and roles within the company.

The information available to companies ranges from technical data and product information to internal policies and best practices. Once companies have implemented the right tools and regularly provide updated and relevant information, they gain a powerful resource: a central knowledge base that supports efficient knowledge transfer and thus effective collaborative learning. This, in turn, can help establish a learning organization capable of quickly adapting to changes and continuously learning and growing.

Knowledge Management Tools for First-Class Customer Service

In addition, knowledge management tools can also benefit external stakeholders, such as customers. By accessing a knowledge base, customers can independently find answers to their questions in the FAQs provided by the company, without having to contact customer support. This saves time and resources and improves the customer experience. Customers benefit from the company's best practices and expertise by accessing the collected information and resources.

Knowledge Base as a Tool for CRM & Service Management

Various types of knowledge management tools play a crucial role in a CRM system as well as in service management. They enable relevant information about customer relationships to be effectively stored and used. This can include customer data, contact histories, communication records, and other relevant information.

Companies thus gain quick access to collected customer knowledge and can resort to best practices, solutions for frequently occurring problems, and direct responses. This leads to efficient handling of customer problems and contributes to improving customer satisfaction.

A knowledge database in service management enables service teams to quickly find answers to frequently asked questions and apply proven procedures for recurring problems. This allows customer service inquiries to be processed quickly, leading to increased productivity.

Top Knowledge Management Tools: eniston as an Efficient Solution

When choosing a knowledge management tool, companies have many providers to compare. eniston Knowledge Bases is one of these tools. It is a cloud-based software solution that helps companies of all sizes to build and manage a knowledge database. Through central content management and easy knowledge provisioning within the company, regardless of the department, eniston facilitates knowledge exchange and provides a central location for internal company knowledge.

Key Features of eniston Knowledge Bases

eniston includes various types of features that help build and manage an extensive database to effectively store, retrieve, and analyse large amounts of information and documents. Our software is particularly suitable for working as a team in a workspace. It offers an integrated search that makes new articles immediately searchable. One feature is to collect user ratings. Visitors can rate the articles and provide feedback. Our knowledge management software also allows adding your own domain and adapting eniston visually to your own branding.

Large, Medium and Small Companies Can Test eniston for Free

Large, small, and medium-sized companies in need of a knowledge management tool can use the 30-day trial version of eniston for free.


Knowledge base software like eniston support the bundling of all knowledge in an organisation. They provide comprehensive applications that store and organize important information, best practices, and expert knowledge in one central location.

This way, knowledge exchange and collaborative learning in teams are promoted. The use of knowledge management tools also contributes to improved customer service and more productive CRM system and service management by centrally managing and effectively using relevant knowledge and information about customer relationships.

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