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Published on July 26th, 2023

Our wiki software offers a multitude of customization options for seamless integration into your corporate culture. Design your knowledge base individually with eniston.

Custom branding options in eniston wiki software: how to individually design your knowledge base

Creating a knowledge database is invaluable for businesses and projects. In the fast-paced business world of 2023, it is crucial for teams to have easy access to information and to be able to share and manage knowledge efficiently.

eniston Knowledge Bases is a powerful software for creating an internal corporate wiki and for project documentation. With eniston, companies can not only create and manage their own knowledge database efficiently, but also benefit from the various functions and customization options of this software.

In the following blog post, we delve into the advantages of eniston and explain how you can tailor eniston to your needs.

Wiki Software: an introduction to wiki solutions

A wiki software is an excellent tool for collecting, sharing, and collaboratively editing information.

A wiki solution allows users to have easy access to knowledge and to create and maintain content in a collaborative environment. The wiki principle is based on an intuitive user interface that does not require any special technical knowledge.

With wiki software, companies and teams optimize their knowledge management and work together more efficiently.

The different wikis and wiki software options

Wikis are extremely useful tools for organizing and sharing knowledge. There are a variety of wiki software options on the market, each with their own strengths and use case.

The best-known wiki platform is Wikipedia. As one of the most famous and largest wikis, it is a free encyclopedia created and edited by users worldwide. It serves as an example of the power and efficiency of the wiki principle in collectively gathering and making knowledge accessible.

From open-source software such as Mediawiki and Dokuwiki to commercial wiki platforms like Confluence, software options offer a wide range of functions and customization options.

What sets eniston apart from other solutions?

The eniston Knowledge Bases software stands out for its simple application. The intuitive user interface and user-friendly features make the software an easy wiki system, ideal for businesses looking for an efficient and simple wiki to develop and maintain their knowledge base.

Compared to commercial software solutions, it offers a cost-effective yet powerful alternative for businesses. Companies around the world are already successfully using eniston as a corporate wiki. From small startups to established corporations, numerous organizations benefit from the advantages of the wiki software.

You have the flexibility to use your own database to manage your information in a structured way.

Create your own wiki with eniston: design your wiki according to your ideas

By using eniston's customization options, you can design your knowledge base individually and thus create a tailor-made knowledge management tool that fits perfectly with your company. The flexibility and power of eniston allow you to efficiently organize, share and maintain your knowledge to provide your employees with a first-class user experience.

  1. Customization of the user interface: eniston offers the possibility to adapt the appearance of your knowledge base to your corporate identity. You can design the logo, colors, and design to match your company and convey a consistent brand image.

  2. Structuring of content: You can divide your content into thematic sections and clear categories. This makes navigating the knowledge base simple and intuitive, and users can quickly find the information they are looking for.

  3. Integration of multimedia: eniston allows the inclusion of graphics, images, and videos in your knowledge base. This improves the illustration of solutions and contributes to better understanding.

  4. Customization of access rights: You can set individual access rights for users to ensure the security and privacy of your knowledge base. This way, you can control who can access which information.

  5. Integration of extensions: The software offers many extensions and plugins with which you can extend the functionality of your knowledge base. You can add additional features to make your knowledge base even more effective.

  6. Support for teamwork: eniston enables multiple users to collaborate on articles. This allows teams to work together on the development and maintenance of the knowledge base and to share their knowledge more efficiently.

  7. Mobile optimization: eniston offers a mobile-optimized view, so users can easily access the knowledge base from their mobile devices. This increases accessibility and user-friendliness.

eniston feature: integration of the corporate wiki into existing tools and systems

eniston is an expandable software solution that offers a variety of functions for knowledge management purposes in your company. It offers multilingual options and a user-friendly interface with custom branding, efficient menu structure, and powerful search function.

Moreover, eniston is integrable with a number of other tools, including Fathom Analytics, Google Analytics, Crisp Chat, Tidio Chat, Intercom, HubSpot Chat, and Webhooks, to enhance the functionality of your knowledge base.


In summary, the custom branding options in eniston allow for individual design of your knowledge base, which can be seamlessly integrated into your corporate culture. With a powerful wiki software, you have all the tools at your disposal to create your own internal corporate wiki tool or a project documentation. The various customization options, from integrating your corporate identity to designing custom themes and menu structures, allow you to design your knowledge base according to the needs of your company.

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