Knowledge Base for Companies and Start-Ups

Published on December 22nd, 2020

Whether your company needs information for internal usage, or external. eniston Knowledge Bases offer an easy entry into knowledge management.

The knowledge database as a practical business aid

Companies need a clear structure for all business information and data, which is difficult to oversee due to the distribution across different areas and sources.Typically, data is listed on paper or in digital form, or requires employees to remember the most important things.

This applies, for example, to company guidelines, various service and product descriptions, manuals, campaigns, customer data or the listing of the most important FAQs in order to ensure a better overview of the offer for customers or to support employees in implementing customer service quickly and easily. It is therefore important to structure and network knowledge in a meaningful way for all employees. This is made possible by a knowledge database for better documentation and storage of information, with access for all at the same time.

More customer loyalty through a sensibly designed knowledge database

The self-help software for setting up a knowledge base has clear advantages that can be seen at a glance and promote customer loyalty. Thanks to a database that is accessible to all, customer questions can be answered more quickly and precisely and the information that all employees receive can always be updated. This is useful when new employees have to familiarize themselves with the subject or new tools and materials are introduced. Employees can find their way around the knowledge database more quickly and can access the data as required.

If a knowledge database is missing, this is often noticeable. The time it takes to search for and distribute knowledge is higher, which is not very profitable from an economic point of view. A lack of knowledge management usually leads to dissatisfaction and chaos. This affects employees and customers at the same time.

eniston can solve this problem. Sign up and create a knowledge base for your use-case.

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