We're currently working on the final touches before releasing our Business plan.

We know that some people are waiting for the Business plan to be released. It won't be much longer – promise. We'll start rolling out the first release within the next 14 days.

Not all listed features will be available from the start, but introduced step-by-step over the next months. As some features just take a bit longer, we decided to focus on one at a time so our focus lies there and not across multiple features we want to release all at once. Good things take time and we want to make sure everything runs as smooth as possible.

One more knowledge base for the Plus plan

If you are thinking about subscribing to the Plus plan, or already are subscribed, you can now create up to 2 bases within your account. We also upped the maximum amount of bases that can be created within the Business plan from 5 to 8. Looking forward to businesses needing 8 or more. :)

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