Save money with our Business Lifetime plan

Published on December 11th, 2023

As of today, we are offering our "Business" plan as a lifetime option. That means you purchase once, and can use it forever. No monthly or annual subscription and you get everything that is included in the "Business" plan.

That, of course, also includes new features and improvements.

Save money and reduce bookkeeping

Let's do the math:

Our "Business" plan is currently €20 per month, so €240 per year. Our "Business Lifetime" plan is just €349, one-time. That means when using eniston for longer than 17 months, you already save money. That is less than 1 1/2 years and many of our customers already use eniston for longer than that.

Recurring payments via a regular subscription generate invoices that need to be accounted for by bookkeeping - every month, every year, repeatedly. By purchasing our "Business Lifetime" plan, you get exactly one invoice, obviously. So one payment for the exact same features and you're done with it. Sounds better, right?

Get started today

You can use our "Business" plan for 30 days without any commitment and without the need to add a payment method. Simply create a new account and your 30 days start automatically.

If you feel eniston Knowledge Bases is the right fit for you then great, pick one of our available plans and get going. Remember, purchasing the "Business Lifetime" plan saves you the most when planning to use eniston for a while. You can create up to 10 knowledge bases, each with their own domain, team, settings etc. And if you need even more knowledge bases, you can purchase additional workspaces right within the platform via a one-time payment.

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